tisdag 27 juli 2010

WZO: London divorces India

Dear Maneck and Jamshedji

The ARZ are the most wonderful people and highly regarded among Zoroastrians outside of India and around the world. They both understand the history and philosophy of Zoroastrianism and defend it without compromise, but they also understand where international Zoroastrianism is at and also have a credible and beautiful vision for a Zoroastrian future in India. The ARZ should be an excellent WZO member and representative in India. They deserve our fullest support.
The former WZO India should rename itself "Indian Parsi Local Isolation Organization" as this is precisely what it has chosen to become. The W for World means absolutely nothing to it.
I wish this IPLIO the best of success. Its members have the right to choose any life they want. I just don't think any of the rest of us WZO supporters share its beliefs and it is about time we stop pretending we don't realize this. Live and let live!


2010/7/27 maneck d

Dear Jamshedji

Thanks for your mail, and your blaming me for using an acronym without explaining what it stands for, is quite acceptable. I am learning as I live.

Here is a forward of the mail I received in response to the same mail. Note the time, it is from Sweden.

How come "the Zoroastrian" from there understood what it stands for whilst you Jamshedji on the Fezana list did not??
And I am sure like you said there must be quite a few who thought similarly!!

ARZ was formed in Mumbai, and is the group of some of the same Parsis who have opened their eyes, and are ready to accept the chidren of the intermarried and "similar others".
I am copying this mail to their address too, so that if they want to write a mail defining themselves, they could do so.
I agree to forward any response mail they write to the Lists wherever I am a member and they are not.

I am avoiding copying this mail to the fezana list, but sending it to Bomi Patel the President of FEZANA, who I request to take some action in the matter.
I say that this is the time to get behind the openminded, and show the Dhongis (Jamshedji's word) that they are on the wrong track, since they have not realized yet the reason/s for their decline.
Fezana could line up and back the WZO UK in their efforts in this matter.
BPP does stand for the Bombay Parsi Panchayat, they do represent as they should the "Parsis", but they cannot represent the "ZORASTRIANS", and you all know the difference.
maneck d

Dear Maneck

This was about time!!!
When WZA India decided to only allow new members if born to two Zoroastrian parents, that's when they finally closed the door against all other Zoroastrians in the world.
ARZ should be a perfect new Indian member of the WZO. ARZ is the future of Zoroastrianism in India!

Alexander Bard

2010/7/27 maneck d

In fact the DIVORCE should have come much earlier, but, as they say, better late than never.

Let the Inward Looking "Parsis" of the subcontinent, who are by all definitions Racists and Bigots, decrease as they have been doing and disappear, but do see that the real followers of Zarathusht's teachings do increase in numbers. Conversions to "Zarthostis" from amongst these ("Parsis") should be started there soon.
WZO and Fezana should do the needful.

Thus I suggest and request the WZO UK to link up with the newly formed ARZ of Mumbai, since this ARZ seems to be of similar thinking as most of us in the new Diaspora are.

regards to all
maneck d

WZO : London Divorces India

With deep regret, the World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) wishes to announce that it can no longer be associated with WZO (India). This decision was taken after very careful consideration of the actions of the committee of WZO (India) which has taken such a divergent path that they no longer share the same aims and objectives, membership criteria, activities or ethos of WZO. In fact we are now two very different organizations with contrasting views because of the choices made by WZO (India). WZO is an inclusive and forward looking organization, committed to promoting and safeguarding the Zoroastrian faith and looking after the interests of Zoroastrians world-wide; in contrast, WZO (India) has chosen to remain inward-looking with its focus on social activities.

WZO (India) was set up by WZO to represent and further its interests in India. It had a similar constitution, the same membership criteria as WZO and was engaged in parallel charitable activities. This arrangement worked well and was beneficial to both organizations. However, since the late nineties, the committee of WZO (India) chose to take a divergent path, contrary to the original objectives.

From around 1997, the WZO (India) committee decided not to keep WZO informed about their activities, their annual accounts and their membership. This is despite WZO continuing to send all information to WZO (India).

Last year, we found that WZO (India), without any prior discussions, had altered its membership application forms in 2002 so that only those Zoroastrians born of both Zoroastrian parents could qualify as members – which is contrary to the membership criteria of WZO. It is also very clear that WZO (India)’s emphasis now is more on social activities rather than charitable ones, which is again a change of priorities and inconsistent with the ethos of WZO.

Since the middle of last year, some of the WZO (India) committee members have shared information confidential to WZO with others not connected with WZO or with WZO (India). They have also chosen to renege on previously agreed proposals to move WZO forward, in order to meet the needs of Zoroastrian worldwide, despite securing the safeguards they sought. Whilst WZO has sought to accommodate them in their beliefs, WZO (India) have chosen to force their beliefs on Zoroastrian worldwide.

WZO wishes to state unequivocally that WZO (India) is no longer permitted to use our registered address and UK charity number in any of its correspondence and publicity materials. Any period wishing to join WZO from India can do so by contacting us through our website, www.w-z-o.org or by post at our headquarters in UK. In time, we will set up new local contact addresses in India.

We are disappointed that all our overtures for reconciliation with the committee of WZO (India) have fallen on deaf ears and may have been misinterpreted by them as a sign of weakness on our part.

We are very appreciative of the support given by WZO (India)’s President, Mr. Dadi Engineer, through the years and of his efforts to convince his committee to seek a path of reconciliation. He will continue to enjoy our full confidence along with the other members (Mr. Dady Mistry, Delhi; Mrs. Mani Clubwala, Chennai; Mrs. Meher Amersey, Mumbai and Mr. Homi Khusrokhan, Mumbai) of WZO’s Managing Committee.

WZO wishes to make it clear that the WZO Trusts in India, managed by Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboly, are not connected with WZO (India). They have and will continue to have our admiration and support.

Darayus S. Motivala

Chairman WZO