måndag 26 juli 2010

Atheist Zoroastrianism?

Personally I identify myself as "post-atheistic".
Sometimes it is good to use new terminology, as it forces people to think.
Yes, we had the religions of blind belief, then we reacted against them (atheism), now we need to move on towards a post-atheistic belief where we unify our scientific knowledge, philosophical understanding, of our condititon, with our psychological need to find meaning and focus to a chaotic existence.
It is from this urge, from this awe towards existence, that we find Zarathushtra's concept of Mazdayasna so useful. A religion in flux, adapting to new scientific knowledge rather than reacting against it, always opening for new spaces of awe and celebration.
This is what Mazdaism should be all about.

2010/7/24 Syn

>>Parviz writes - "The problem is that fundamentalist religious persons of all shade, including our own Zoroastrian brothers and sisters, thrive on insults. They will keep pushing your buttons insisting that the only proper way to belong to a religion is to BELIEVE in every idiotic notion they believe in order to be PROPER and BELONG that finally they make you get so fed-up that in order to tell them totally off, you drag in Atheism. The reason Atheism acts as a refuge for so many is because the stupidest forms of Theism survives and thrives so well amongst us humans. Jesus has been walking on water so successfully for more than two thousand year that all science that can so obviously demonstrate that this can not be done, can go and fork itself. You get forced to insult back when your intelligence is insulted so continuously and massively"<<

I can identify fully with what you say above, as someone who is less than conventional, I have often been insulted and/or accused, by the more fundamental and literal of religionists, as being either not 'holy' or 'good' enough, or have been told bluntly told that I am 'evil' or a 'sinner', thus I adopted the nickname Syn, a long time ago, to simply indicate I had no interest in other peoples opinions as to what they considered to be sinful or bad, as long as I myself had no malicious or harmful intent and attempted the best in my relations with others and with God.

In answer to your previous question regarding my closing signature here, at the end of my posts, it is simply a thoughtful jewel written in Old Avestan [very obscure and only used very occasionaly in the Avesta] - though after your question above I was suprised to discover that Hudanush is also an Armenian name and as everyone is begining to call me Hudanush here and on another Zoroastrian forum, I have no objection to that becoming a name by which I am also known - perhaps I will add Syn and become Syn-Hudanush, I actualy quite like that.

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Mattias Östmar sa...

I agree with what you and Zyn writes. Personally I find Clare W Graves (and later Don Beck and Ken Wilbers) way of describing the evolution och conciousness into higher orders of spirituality helps when explaining and describing the different world views - namely Spiral Dynamics. I believe what Zyn is descrining is the Blue vMemes absolutistic religious views and you, Alexander, is describing the leap beyond orange modernist vMemes atheism. I would like to add the need for further evolution beyond the postmodernist (green vMemes) relativistic anything-goes spirituality into the yellow and beyonds scientific, systematic and flexible spirituality.

Larry Hamelin sa...

A religion in flux, adapting to new scientific knowledge rather than reacting against it, always opening for new spaces of awe and celebration.

Yeah yeah. Dialectical Materialism. You'll enjoy some Marx and Lenin.