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The Zoroastrian Idea of Existence

2009/5/10 irisfilpot

It seems that you all are familiar with a different type of Buddhism than I am. "Supreme reality" is usually used in discussions about God and I have never seen this term in a Buddhist discussion. I think for me, since I do seem to know a different kind of Buddhism than you two do, that just an explanation of the Zorasterian idea of existance would be more helpful for me without comparisons to Buddhism. Would anyone like to explain that to me? ( The Xorasterian idea of existance?)Anyone out there is OK. Not holding anyone hostage. If no, I figure the subject will eventually come up on this list so I can be patient.

Dear Iris
There is no Zoroastrian idea of existence and that is precisely the point.
Existence is primary, the idea of existence is secondary, so the idea of existence constantly CHANGES in Zoroastrianism, this is what makes it unique from other religions.
Zoroastrians believe in a world of flux or at least an understanding of the world in flux.
Asha is then whatever fits, however this world works, this is asha. And to live in accordance with asha, our ethical imperative in Zoroastrianism, is to live in accordance with the world as we know it according to our best knowledge. It's a religion which is very pro-science and pro-knowledge.

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liebera sa...

What are scientists Children of the knowledge Primal seed of cosmical machine Schemes and terms from sky laboratories Investigation‘s brought by Creator‘s wit
Physical aspect and lace of metaphysic
Supreme touch urges to create
Science wit knows sense of moving
But Divine can’t be proved by theme

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liebera sa...

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