söndag 24 maj 2009

The pathos and ethos of Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism is not a democracy where we vote for which interpretation is right.
We study the religion all for ourselves, but most importantly, we think critically for ourselves.
This is not a religion for people to follow, this is a religion for people to get their own critical thinking started!
And that is widely agreed, Iris! Because this is the pathos and ethos of Zarathushtra himself combined. We are asked to follow his example, not follow him personally directly. That sort of blind faith was exactly what he was opposed to.

2009/5/24 Special Kain

Dear Iris,

Yes, other Zoroastrians will disagree (but not all of them). And I'm perfectly fine with that, since Zoroastrianism has such a rich culture. It is so old and there have been so many encounters, influence and change throughout the centuries.

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>>Immortality here is therefore not immortality in any Judeo-Christian- Muslim sense but rather approaching the transcendental quality of The Divine as outside the limitations of time and space.<<

OK thank you sir. Let me ask this, since you and Dino seem to be on the same page on this, if I ask other Zartouche's they may disagree with you two on this?

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