torsdag 5 mars 2009


Dear Parviz

This is most enlightening!!!
This also shows that religion is a concept with Zoroastrian and not European roots since it arrived as part of Mithraic culture (the part of Zoroastrian history that you and I seem to love the most).
We should educate the world about this fact: Remove the concept of religion from Christianity and its Manichean roots and return the concept of religion to the world of Zoroastrianism and Mithraism.
Because if religion is that which ties human beings together, then religion is indeed a beautiful thing.


2009/3/4 Parviz Varjavand

Dear friends on Ushta,

I did go look up the word and it is spelled Religare (and not Relegare) in Latin.

I like to associate the word Religion with its Latin root Religare as it tells me a lot. In Zoroastrianism we have a ritual in which a bundle of twigs are tied together with a Koshti or a white woolen cord and this represent Hamazoori or strenght in union. Many cultures have this image, but I believe that the Persian Version as incorporated in Mazdayasna may be the oldest. The Mithraists have this ritual and they tie the Rods together with a red cord representing Love or Mehr (The Love aspect of Mithra).

Your friend and mine ;-) Benito Mussolini used this Barsam image to form the Italian Fascist party. (As the Coffe-net in Tehran is closing, I will post this now and continue it later)

Parviz varjavand

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