tisdag 3 mars 2009

How does one define a religion?

Dear Helen
The concept of religion was invented by Europeans as a distinction against the world of philosophy.
Religion comes from the Latin word for "reconnection".
So Zoroastrianism is not really a religion at all but a complex set of beliefs and cultural codes.
But it is comfortable for Eruopeans to refer to Zoroastrianism as a "religion" because then they can maintain the myth that the Greeks invented "thinking" 1,200 years after Zarathushtra.

2009/3/3 Helen Gerth

Dear all,

What is the definition of a religion....and how does Zoroastrianism meet this definition?

Up front I will say that I have no expectations...and I realize that there will be numerous different answers...

Thank you for indulging me if you have time or interest...

Ushta te,

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