söndag 23 november 2008

The religion of Tolerance as a sacred duty!

Dear Mehran

Wrong! This is blatantly untrue.
You can believe that there is a soul separate from the body if you like.
But there is no evidence whatsoever that Zarathushtra or his contemporaries for that matter held such strong beliefs. The soul separate from the body was an EGYPTIAN and NOT an Indo-European belief. To Zarathushtra, the soul is merely an ASPECT of the body itself. The body is sacred to Zarathushtra, not a disgusting thing to get rid of as in Egypt and among the Gnostics (and later the Christians and the Muslims etc).
Furthermore, The Gathas is NOT a dogmatic text, it is NOT the Qoran of Zoroastrianism.
To Zarathushtra, THINKING ciritically FOR YOURSELF even if opposed to him is what counts.
By hanging on to your own interpretation of The Gathas as a dogmatic order you are simply missing LIVING the Zoroastrian creed as presented by Zarathushtra. You may get the word but you miss the spirit of his faith. What is then the point of being a Zoroastrian?
Let's not continue to islamize the Zoroastrian religion. Envying the Muslims for having an order book called The Qoran and then trying to turn our beautiful and poetic Gathas into a Qoran 2.0 is a disastrous mistake for the Zoroastrian creed. We are not Muslims! We can think for ourselves and we are proud to do so!
Tolerance is not merely an acceptable attitude within Zoroastianism, it is what Zoroastrianism is all about! We INVENTED tolerance. We made it a SACRED DUTY to be tolerant. Let's be proud of this fact.


2008/11/23, MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi :

Dear Dino and Zaneta
Our beliefs are one thing and ashoo Zartosht's teachings are another things. However, we can believe in anything, but when we are talking about Zoroastrian religion we are not permited to put our words in the mouth of ashoo Zartosht.
In gAthA the soul is separate from body that rule it. It is an entity that live in this step of life lives in material body and after death of body, in next step of life, it lives in other thing, therefore there is no reincarnation in gAthA. The life in gAthA is a one way road from bearth to God.

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liebera sa...

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liebera sa...

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