torsdag 27 november 2008

The Dogma of Asha

Dear Friends

Let's concentrate this and get to the point of the whole debate.
Zarathushtra and Zoroastrianism has made TWO MAJOR contributions to world history:

- Introducing the desire for TRUTH as a metaphysical exercise. The desire for truth did NOT start with Christianity and not with the Greeks and not with The Enlightenment. It began with Zarathushtra: His major accomplishment was the introduction of the concept of TRUTH (asha) as a metaphysical exercise. That which is not true (druj) is un-Zoroastrian. Zarathushtra was therefore the ORIGINAL philosopher of The Enlightenment. Even Akhanten of Egypt, the only pharaoh interested in this exercise (all the other pharaohs were discipiles of the blind mythology of Egypt) was inspired by the Persians. Akhnaten lived 300 years AFTER Zarathushtra.

- Introducing HUMAN RIGHTS to world history. Because in Zoroastrianism the search for truth is FUNDAMENTAL then the search for truth can not be accomplished unless we FIRST have an open mind. An open mind requires tolerance so that MANY DIFFERENT voices can be heard. Without this multitude, truth is impossible. This is why human rights were first declared by Cyrus The Great after the conquest of Babylon. It was by the kissing of the feet of the Babylonian divinity Marduk that Cyrus PRACTICED his and showed the world his tolerance. It was the possibly most shocking existential act ever. The important thing to stress here is that tolerance and plurality are not merely good Zoroastrian cultural traits, they are METAPHYSICAL BELIEFS in themselves. We live and breathe plurality and tolerance, it is SACRED to us. Because it is a requirement for our DESIRE to fullfil asha.

Everything else about Zoroastrianism is secondary. This is where Parviz Varjavand and I have always been in complete agreement with for example Ali Jafarey and Dina McIntyre, and THIS is why we are all Zoroastrians. If thee is a dogma to herald in Zoroastrianism, the dogma of asha is the one.


2008/11/27, Special Kain :

Dear Bahman,

As Zoroastrians we should be preoccupied with the truth. That's why we should dig deep into modern science and see what's been empirically tested and retested and retested once again - and what has been falsified.
All smart and experienced mystics and occultists that I know do not believe in any astral theme parks. They all agree with me that there is only one world, that there is no Almighty Creator seperate from this world (they're one and the same), that there is no soul seperate from the physical body. I used to be actively involved in some parapsychological research in Vienna, and we didn't detect any souls, either. There are a few phenomena that require further investigation, but most beliefs about esotericism are nothing but downright wrong. Just a bunch of fairy tales.
Whether or not Zarathushtra wanted us to believe in such things, he would agree with us if he was alive today that there is no soul seperate from the body. We're just about to find out more about the potential of our bodies and our brains! And most esoteric fairy tales will have to be rewritten.
I don't think that Zarathushtra wanted us to believe in them, by the way. That doesn't seem to be historically accurate.


--- Bahman Noruziaan schrieb am Do, 27.11.2008:

Von: Bahman Noruziaan
Betreff: RE: [Ushta] Re: Warning to Mehran Gheibi!
An: "Ushta Ushta"
Datum: Donnerstag, 27. November 2008, 2:30

You have seen thousands of Zoroastrains who do not beleive soul separate from body???
Are you kidding us Alexander?
And also a creator that is not separate from Creation? Well this needs a bit of talk but still, you must be kidding!!


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