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Romanticism in Zoroastrianism

Dear Dino

I would add that the true romanticism is the belief that we are obliged to love the world as it is no matter what. To hold the world sacred, even if we can't find any logical reason to do so. Wgen we return the obvious indifference from Existence as such with our complete love and desire. If only because we no nothing better. I actually believe this is what Zarathushtra did. I believe this is what Lao Tze, Spinoza and Nietzsche did too, only far later in history. And I believe this is the only romanticism which is well founded. Because, if we don't just DECIDE in an existential act that we embrace Existence as it is, what else are we to do? If the capacity to love Existence is there, let's do it!

Fairytale nonsense and superstitions is an altogether different story. If we desire to love Truth for being the only thing that exists, then we also obliged towards Truth to removed that which egts in the way, that which is Untrue. And I believe this is what Zarathushtra does when he holds asha separate from druj (or if we personify asha and druj, we speak of Ahura Mazda versus Ahriman). This is what Zoroastrian romanticism is all about. And this is what makes it different from all the other religions.


2008/9/26 Special Kain

Dear Zaneta,

Yes, romantic ideas are appealing in general, I assume, and I enjoyed them for a long time. I'm still romantic to a certain extent - or differently romantic now. But I'm well-aware that those romantic ideas are here to comfort us, not to guide us towards the truth. Many people enjoy to rest within such cosy romantic ideas. And then those people get lazy and defend their cosy prejudices with fire and fists! ;-))
But all of this isn't that bad, as long as we aknowledge that we're co-creators of this wonderful world, and we can responsibly turn some of those romantic ideas into reality.

Kind regards, Dino

--- Zaneta Garratt schrieb am Fr, 26.9.2008:

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Betreff: RE: [Ushta] Being vs Becoming (was: Spinozism and existentialism)
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Datum: Freitag, 26. September 2008, 10:40

Hi Dina, I happen to like the romantic ideas, maybe they appeal to me more because I am a woman but I did look up the guy you mention but I could not make head or tale of what he was going on about as my mind does not think in the same way as his, sorry about that, but thanks for your letter and Best wishes from Zaneta

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