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Religion vs Science

I believe the important point to stress is that if there are similarities between religious beliefs and scientific findings they are coincidental. The only truly scientific-religious position is of course to claim that the world is whatever it is, and that it is the job of science to find out how it works. And then whatever science finds is to be deemed as sacred (as in Mazdayasna, where knowledge is sacred while guesswork is not). If we take religion as s starting point and the go and try to find patterns in science that fit into our religious fantasies we will soon be either deeply disappointed or get a fundamentally distorted view of the world. Like in the contemporary obsession with forcefully combining Daoism with Science (no predestined natural connection in itself) with both the theology and the science ending up being sloppy and off the mark. And there is really no connection between free will and indeterminism (or determinism for that matter). Free will of coyrse being an issue (just like God) where the issues gets lost in the question: Without any answer to what we mean with freedom and with will, we can naturally not even discuss the issue of free will.

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All of this is poetically interesting, but empirically debatable.
For more than hundred years, several esoteric teachers have tried to combine scientific discoveries with religious experiences. There's a quantum theology ("What the BLEEP do we know?"), making quantum effects the foundation of man's free will, there's also a networking theology, originating from Humberto Maturana's constructivism, even chaos theory was picked up by many occultists, creating different schools of occult thought, with the Liber Kaos as most prominent manifestation of that misunderstanding.

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Thanks, Yazad, this is really pretty -it relates to a connection between religion and science-I sent it on to two of my children who are interested in science as I found it so thought-provoking -Gary Zakov's "The Dancing Wu Li Masters " does this also-but there is too much physics here for me so I gave it to one of my children-however I do have several of Gary Zakov's books and I have really enjoyed reading them, best wishes from Zaneta

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Unknown sa...

Science and religion – Friends or Foes?
There may be a way to build a bridge between them.

Many religions have something in common: They see nothing between god and the human species. Some people tried to fill this gap and told us about Cherubims and Seraphims.

What would happen if we try to use human thinking to fill this gap?
This is what I started to explore: http://www.BetterThanThinking.com

I welcome any comment.

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