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Expectations and surprises

Thanks, I stand corrected!!!
Expectations is the important element in intersubjective relations.
Surprise is when expectations occasionally break down. But surprise is the element that makes us WAKE UP and realise what we are about to think, say, do in a given situation. And MAY then change our behavior. Hopefully constructively.
Therefore ethically important.

2009/4/12 Special Kain

Dear Alexander,

You never cease to amaze me with a new and fresh take on far too common truths!!!
Frankly, I don't agree that surprise is an important element of all intersubjective relations, it's expectations. Secondly, surprise is the most important element of strategy and the art of war: whoever surprises will win the battle. Thirdly, the element of surprise is what Richard Rorty coined as the beginning or introduction of a non-normal discourse and, therefore, the creation of new vocabularies that may (or may not) change the way we see, think, speak and feel.


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Dear Zaneta

Jesus did NOT teach that you should not hit back at people and instead show them the other cheek if they hit you. That is just one of the most common and disturbing misunderstandings about Christian ethics. What Jesus meant was that SURPRISE is an important element of every intersubjective relation. When hitting back is the PREDICTABLE thing to do, that is when you should not hit back as to surprise your enemy and to win over your enemy.

Jesus was NOT a pacifist (he repeatedly talked about God sending his angry angels to re-conquer the world and punish sinners etc MILITARILY) and neither was Zarathushtra, although for quite different reasons. But the main problem with Christianity is that it sees this world as inferior to a coming world free from sin. We have no such beliefs. As Zoroastrians we consider THIS world as SACRED. And that is a belief that we as members of this forum all share. It is the very fundament of what it means to be a Mazdayasni.


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