onsdag 25 februari 2009

Mind vs Wisdom (What is Mazda?)

Dear Dina

I must offer friendly but immediate disagreement.
It is true that Mind can be used for both good and bad.
But what we mean with the concept of Mazdayasna is that THE VERY EXISTENCE of Mind in itself is what is worth celebrating.
It is the existence of mind which is sacred to us, not what these minds produce. And there is an enormous difference between the capacity of something and the outcome of something.
So it is indeed MIND we mean with Mazda and not wisdom even though wisdom is of course preferrable to nonsense.



Dear Maneck,
So far as Zarathushtra's thought is concerned (as best I can determine it from the Gathas), I do not think either 'mind' or 'intelligent mind' is an adequate description of his notion of "god" because both mind and intelligence can be either good or wrongful.

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