torsdag 19 juli 2012

Asha vs Druj - Zarathushtra as the first Pragmatist in History

To say that you are CERTAIN of something when in reality you are not, what is that if not the ultimate lie? How can you build truth ON LIES? What you don't seem to get, Parviz, is how Zarathushtra arrives at what is true and not a lie. You take truths for given when 1. They are not. 2. Zarathushtra never said they are given in advance. A truth BUILT ON A LIE, is not a truth. It's still a lie, an even worse lie. But Zarathushtra understood that THE VERY FIRST THING YOUR SACRED MIND HAS TO DO is to arrive at the truth again and again, questioning your very own PERCEPTIONS. This is what you refuse to see. Which is why you arrive at a vulgarized kindergarden form of Zoroastrianism and not the grown-up wise Mazdayasna variety which Zarathushtra - as the first Pragmatist in history - arrived at. Ushta Alexander 2012/7/19 Parviz Varjavand Dear friends interested in Zoroastrianism, Zoroastrianism tells us to be for Asha and against Droj. "Asha" has been translated as "The Truth" and also "The Law" "Droj" translates as "The Lie". Who is the judge of what is an ASHA and what is a DROJ? We humans using our Vohooman or "Good Mind" are. This is why we do not believe in any pie-in-the sky miracles for guidance. "Mithra" the lord of contracts and truthful behavior is also very concerned with what is True and what is a Lie. When someone works hard to erode the boundaries of what is True, they also erode the boundaries of what is a Lie. When these boundaries are well eroded, there comes a point that you can no longer know what is True and what is a Lie. This is what the Drojvand or followers of Droj want, we Ashavand (another name for Zoroastrians) do not want this. Example: Q- "Can we all be descended from two humans created just like ourselves rather than evolved from lower species?" A- "We don't know, we can't be sure, it is all in what the fantasy in your head tells you it is, because after all, we can not be sure of anything" "Our scientific tools are too crude to tell us what is what" This is the kind of answer many want us to come up with. They may not be conscious of this, but their argument works more for Droj to survive than for Asha to rule the day. Ushta to you, Parviz Varjavand

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