lördag 12 november 2011

Importance and identities

Whether something is important or not is really up to us. Nothing IS important in itself. Importance is not part of the substance of anything. It is a subjective attribute, nothing more, nothing less. And sure you can have as many identities as yoy like. As human beings we have at least as many identities as we have relationships with other human beings. Attaching only ONE identity to a person is nothing but a social convention. What is singular is not identity but BODY.


2011/11/12 Daniel Samani

Oh that is a very helpful replys indeed!

Dino: Could you please explain for the ones not initialized, what "socio-symbolic resources" means. As I have no actual grasp myself. Also can there be one or many identities in your view?

Alex: Me writing this and who I am at this very moment is the same thing? How is this something of great importance? Is the reason for this ("you and your behavior") that our behavior is what people judge me from? And also the way I can get an idea myself of who I am?


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Oshri sa...

"And sure you can have as many identities as yoy like" - Hermann Hesse has expressed (Illustrated)this idea in a "Steppenwolf"