söndag 5 juni 2011

Monism vs Dualism

Good to know. I agree. Our difference is the one between dualist monotheism and monist monotheism.
Dualist monotheism is too Abrahamic to me and you and most others. I can't find any foundation for dualism whatsoever in The Gathas. To me, dualism is not a Persian but a very Egyptian idea. And Judaism, Christianity and Islam have Egyptian and not Persian origins. Persian philosophy is naturally much closer to India culturally and historically than to Egypt. Which is why Zoroastrianism is 1. monist and 2. not Abrahamic.
The soul is the personification of the body itself to Zarathushtra, not some alien thing to be kept clean from a dirty and sinful body. This monism then colors absolutely everything about Zoroastrianism.

2011/6/5 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

We are NOT in disagreement, I am a pantheist monist Zoroastrian too; but try to explain this to other Zoroastrians (including Jafarey and Ron), and it is like talking to a wall. It is this wall that I wish to pull down. Monotheism of Mazdaism is not the same as Abrahamic Monotheism, that is the only point I am trying to make. We are being pushed in that corner day after day and text after text that we read and no one has the heart or the mind to object strongly to this push.

Mehr Afzoon,
Parviz Varjavand

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