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Spinozist monism - and The Depth of Taste (how there is nothing beyond aesthetics)

To be honest, Parviz, what else would there be?
Dino never claimed there was no good taste or bad taste, but what do you claim there is beyond taste?
And in what way does this contradict Zarathushtra? Whenever did he claim there was anything beyond taste? Was it not Zarathushtra who taught us that WE BECOME THE ACTS WE CONDUCT?
You are the way you act, you act the way you speak, you speak the way you think, so therefore be careful what you think. Be careful WHAT TASTE you put into your mind. Beyond that very decision, there is nothing but superstitions. Jinns.

2011/5/29 Parviz Varjavand
Dear Dino,

You are absolutely correct, everything we do is a matter of taste. Why then do we post anything on the net or even talk, there is nothing to talk about. Cannibalism is a matter of taste, roasted babies may actually taste very good! Is this not a matter of taste then!?


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There was a time when theologicans and philosophers were having metaphysical arguments about the question whether the world was made of ideas and thoughts (spiritualism) or bodies and atoms (materialism). And there were defenders and supporters from both camps on both sides.
Then pragmatism entered the stage: it was Baruch Spinoza who draw the conclusion that both descriptive vocabularies were equally valid and appropriate - because the effects were the same.
Which side you choose is a matter of taste.

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