söndag 24 april 2011

The Difference between asking HOW and asking WHY

No, Parviz, these things have not WORKED. Jesus never returned. And Messiah never showed up. Muslims have to kill infidels because their Allah is too lazy to do the job himself. Their theories are actually completely dysfunctional.
These things were SUCCESSFUL, yes, but they did not work. These are very different things.
This is precisely why people have to look for other answers. And do so. We owe them to provide them with something better since this is what we found. Whether we call it Zoroastrianism for historical reasons or Spinozism or Nietzscheanism or Pragmatism for eurocentric reasons, but we should give them the proper answer.
As Daniel said, the question has to be the proper one. We are not concerned with why (as we make that up ourselves and it is not a given) but with HOW.


2011/4/24 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Daniel (and Alexander too)

I tend to come back too quickly at times in res ponce to others and that can cost me. I went over and over what you are trying to say and it has been educational; educational but also depressing. It has been depressing since it almost establishes it for a fact that the minds of us humans must be flawed and it must have a built in self destruct factor in it. This is why we are destroying the planet because this is built in and hardwired in our systems.

Alexander may say that no one is paying attention to the three sister religions any more, but he is wrong. The majority of earth's population (by a very very large margin the majority compared to those who think otherwise) are being born and die in religions that are hardwired to destroy the planet. You say >>"One thing that seprerates the living from the dead is that living creatures make choices. The choices ether don't work satisfactory or they do work brillant."<<. I say that mankind has chosen to let grow religions that are based on Earth Destroying Principals and these principals have worked brilliantly for these religions. The "Fall From Grace", the "Original Sin", the Books of "Revelation", the "Judgment of Souls" and many more of these concepts have succeeded, so I must shut up and go suck an egg because these things HAVE WORKED, THEY HAVE WORKED BRILLIANTLY.

Mehr Afzoon,
Parviz Varjavand

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