torsdag 25 juni 2009

Zoroastrianism and tribal instincts

Dear Dino and Friends
I would even go as far as to say that the whole idea that Society gains from a plurality of views and lifestyle choices was invented by Zoroastrianism. And was as such practiced in the early days of the Persian Empire, under Cyrus The Great.
This Prodigem person has been removed from the Ushta List since he broke about every rule we have for decent behavior on this forum. Racist attacks are not acceptable here, neither is religious isolationism, as we have repeatedly pointed out.

2009/6/23 Special Kain

Timothy Leary was the first to call us a bunch of domesticated primates, and we was totally right. We're tribal animals. We will always seeks ways to connect with each other. 90% of what we really say is related to our tribal instincts, no matter how many words or strategies we use. Even gossip and media use has to do with being part of or trying to join a community! We want to spend time and share the fun with like-minded people. We even think in groups. We're switching between different subcultural identities, from pop faggot to gloomy Gothic chick, from androgynous Glam Rock superstar to drug-crazed Goa Trance rabbit.
Zoroastrianism is the philosophical religion that is perfectly in tune with our tribal instincts, since it's a religion of inclusion and expanding solidarity. Building, maintaining and expanding communities is sacred to us. Globalization and new interactive media have pushed the gates open and facilitate such activities that are sacred and much cherished in Zoroastrian philosophy. If there's any philosophical response to such profound and all-pervasive changes, it's our religion.

Ushta, Dino

--- Special Kain schrieb am Di, 23.6.2009:

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Dear Prod,

Times change, and we change with them. Cultures meet and won't part unchanged in an increasingly globalized world. What this cultural globalization process, which is not necessarily the same as homogenization - not at all! -, needs now is expending solidarity and tolerance, rather than demonization and racist "othering". Zoroastrianism is a religion of INCLUSION, not rejection!!! Building and expanding communities is sacred to us. This doesn't mean that we're supposed to uncritically welcome everything that would come along with cultural globalization. We're not going to tolerate any intolerance, even not yours.

Ushta, Dino

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