fredag 18 juli 2008

The burden of proof?

Dear Shahrooz

The problem with the belief that there is a God living outside of The Universe is that nobody who claims to believe this has shown how this God ciómmunicates or rather interactis with The Universe.
Through which medium? And where are the traces of such a communication???
Or like Stephen Hawking says:
"People can believe in God as much as they like. The problem is that there is nothing for such a God to do in the actual universe. Which is why the onluy credible religion is Pantheism, where God and The Universe are one and the same thing."
Einstein believed the same thing.
The two alternatives are not equally valid. Science is completely on the side of those who believe that there is only one universe, whether we consider it divine or not. The burden of proof lies completely with those who claim there is a God outside of The Universe.
There is no such burden on Atheists or Pantheists, because they have got NOTHING TO PROVE.
A god exisiting outside of The Universe? Well, Santa Claus could be alive and well on Greenland too. This is at least more feasible.

Alexander Bard

2008/7/17 SHAHROOZ ASH <>:
A creator living outside His creation is a possibility. No one can know this for sure, because the logical arrow goes both ways here, no one can prove a God exists, no one can prove that God does not exist outside the universe.

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