torsdag 19 november 2009

Hating Mary Boyce and her lies

Dear Parviz

Mary Boyce has done more damage to Zoroastrianism than any other single person in the last 1,500 years. The Wikipedia entry on Zoroastrianism is full of her prejudicial nonsense just because she is an "often quoted reference published in books". We have a big job ahead of us correcting this massive wrong!


2009/11/19 Parviz Varjavand

Every day in Yazd, several bus loads of tourists visit the tower of silence there and the Iranian Muslim guides tell the tourists that wen the Zoroastrians placed their dead in these towers, they would watch to see if the vulture would eat the right eyes of the corps first or the left eye. If the right eyes was plucked out first, it was a sign that the soul of this dead person would go to heaven and if the left eyes was plucked, the corps would go to hell.

When we as Zoroastrians have filed our complaints about the spread of such ugly nonsense, the authorities have replied that they are only repeating something that Marry Boyce has written about in her book and if we have complaints, we should take it up with Marry Boyce. So as you can see, Western scholars can report many things and in the West it would be understood in its proper context, but when translated into Persian, it could cut like a knife into the heart of our fragile community.