söndag 29 juli 2007

What is Ushta, and how do I join Ushta?

Ushta is a Yahoogroups forum which warmly welcomes all followers of the religion, philosophy and culture of Mazdayasna (also known as Zoroastrianism or Mazdaism in contemporary English) - including both those born into the tradition and those who have converted to the faith - but also welcomes friends of the Mazdayasni and other people interested in the world of Mazdayasna. Mazdayasna (meaning "the worship of wisdom" in ancient Persian) is one of the world's oldest surviving religions and philosophical traditions, dating back over 5,000 years, with the prophet Zarathushtra (born in Iran approx 1,700 B.C.) and the emperor Cyrus The Great (born approx 700 B.C.) as two of its most prominent and historically important characters. While Mazdayasna has been practiced as a religion, philosophy and culture in Iran, India, Central Asia, and neighboring countries continuously throughout the millennia, it is now fast spreading across the globe to all corners of the world, and Ushta (a Mazdayasni greeting phrase meaning "ecstasy" or "radiant happiness" in ancient Persian) is an internet community where this simultaneously both ancient and modern, now fast expanding global movement, is preserved, nurtured, expanded, and fully represented in all its rich variety.

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liebera sa...

What are scientists Children of the knowledge Primal seed of cosmical machine Schemes and terms from sky laboratories Investigation‘s brought by Creator‘s wit
Physical aspect and lace of metaphysic
Supreme touch urges to create
Science wit knows sense of moving
But Divine can’t be proved by theme

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liebera sa...

… ARMY OF LOVERS’ CLONES are as French résistance. French communist Michael romances with positive lad from positive French Gestapo. Local stripper Sarah is busy worker. Female Polizei is in jealousy. Unhonest Owner of Milk Factory is only one negative person. There is no blood and horrors in the story that is the result of mobilistic philosophy. Do you want Whole Clip script, Alex? And what about the Romanovs and The communists who live in complete peace or BWO, VACCUUM and ARMY OF LOVERS members as heroes of fancy tales?

PS there may be some silliness in my first commentary. I was shy that time. It’s my explanation…

Interested sa...

Looking through the looking glass, finding a blog full of dravel. Not true. First glance, what the heck is this?! Interest grows. Learning. Discretely bookmarking blog.